Friday, June 15, 2012

Week #2: Contest = Booya

Well, the adventure continues. Week 2 brings us some photoshop commentary by your favorite jean wearing, ass kicking, women getting, son of an AK-47, a movie review, and to end it all off, a contest! Let's get started eh cowboys?
2 photoshops coming in this week. The first was suggested by Cale Swagner. He needs a new nick-name. Cale Poliwagner should do just fine. Don't get that? Then what the hell were you doing during the 90's? Just look at this. It shows a picture of me sky diving. And to answer your next question....yes.
Moving on we have a picture of me and my "clone". A funny story comes with that actually. I didn't have the technology to actually create another form of life. So I just took the next obvious solution, surgically attach my face to someone else's in my class. Joe Gremel was the obvious choice. Plus then we wouldn't have to look at his ugly mug anymore. I was doing everyone a favor. More Nathan, more problems solved, more money, more women. Originally he didn't like the idea. But after some convincing via Chloroform he was begging to have the procedure done. We were going to pull the ultimate crime at the Omaha Zoo, steal the "Desert Dome". They had recently put in that ski lift piece of s*** so we decided to give it a whirl before we pilfered the home of many dangerous desert animals. Little did we know they took pictures of all the people on the lift, so we had to call off the plan because we were so ashamed to have our picture taken together on a ski lift. Because we're not gay.
Alrighty, next we have Sors' Movie Review Time of Criticism. This week Prometheus. My was pretty neat. The guy with the mohawk was effed from the get-go, and so was the biologist (damn hippie had it coming). I won't get too much into it because I don't want to spoil it for people who may not have seen it. In all, I'll give it 4 out of 5 pairs of glasses, (haters gonna hate the way I rate).
New thing! Contest time! A Grey Hanes T-shirt, signed by me, Nathan Sorsen, will be given to whoever can draw the best/funniest picture of Nathan Sorsen. Entries will not be judged on artistic ability, just hilariousity and how accurate it depicts me, Nathan Sorsen. Just post a picture to the Facebook wall, that way, even if you don't get picked others can see your picture. And for God's sake keep it PG-13. Entries will be due by next Friday (June 22). The winner will be contacted and it will be arranged how you will get your prize that way. Good Luck to everyone!

Sorsy Horse

Friday, June 8, 2012

Week #1: Nathan does the whole Internet thing

Well, apparently I'm going to be doing a Blog now. Every Friday I'll be giving the run-down on the latest happenings on the Nathan Sorsen Facebook page. I'll also be telling you what happened to me personally the past week. So, let's get started shall we?
In the past week we've only had 3 photoshops? 3? WHAT THE HELL? Not 7? That damn tall lanky kid, who runs this, really dropped the ball. It's almost like he has other things to do. First up was one of me as "Sorsen Kong", as suggested by one Crabby Keith Wolverton. I'm not sure how this is considered to be a picture of King Kong. I for one have seen all versions of King Kong (various times), and don't remember the great ape being in a suit. Just another example of that stupid kid, let's just call him Joe, dropping the ball.
Next up we have my face on the Gorillaz album "Demon Days". Joe told me this was his "Mona Lisa". Whatever the hell that's supposed to mean. In his defense it is one of the better photoshops he's done. Though that's a pretty low hurdle.
Then the latest post is one of my face on Flava Flav's. I've never liked that guy. I'm a Dr. Dre kind of man. But not because of Beats, those are too mainstream. I ride a longboard so I need to stay away from that whole "popular" scene. That photoshop was suggested by Joe Schulz.
Now, what happened to me this week? Well first off I've started to Volunteer with pay. Kind of defeats the purpose of volunteering don't you think? On the bright side of that I get money to buy more guns. Thank you Second Amendment. I'm considering buying a tank top, I think it would go well with my Wranglers. Come to think about of it my week has been quite dull.....
That's all I got this time around. Check back next Friday to see what I have to say about the stuff that's happened.